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Message from the Faculty

Anthony Radev Dr.

In the business world, there are fortunate few who are natural born leaders. They possess instinctive leadership skills and maintain a commitment to continuous improvement. And then, there are those who have the potential that can only be fulfilled with the right mentoring, coaching and set of experiences. These individuals have an innate drive and a strong desire to strengthen their leadership capabilities.

It is our belief at SEED that leadership is neither inherited by birth nor made. Rather, it is both, and this belief embeds itself into our corporate culture and guides our investments and development of our programs for executives. Investing only in those few with a magical leadership trait imbued within them greatly limits choices, for there simply aren't enough naturals out there to meet the increasing business demand for strong leaders.

Therefore, the challenge is to identify and then invest in those who have the potential and the desire to take on this challenge. SEED provides executive-driven, custom tailored, experiential learning experiences to rising business leaders that enable them to realize their full leadership potential.

Anthony Radev Dr.



Mission of Seed

SEED was founded to meet and serve the urgent needs of Central & Eastern European companies in the absence of competitive, high quality and complex business education.

SEED is committed to creating a high performing educational institution where...

  • Ivy League business school professors and top CEOs from the CEE region train the pool of future regional leaders.
  • Participants develop their leadership and strategic thinking skills in programs designed in close cooperation with the strongest and fastest growing companies in the CEE region.
  • Leaders do not just listen to classroom lectures, but focus on learning by doing.
  • Returning from SEED to their daily jobs, leaders will plant the seeds of collaboration, proactive behavior and an entrepreneurial spirit within their respective organizations.
  • Leaders can develop and network together with the future leaders of Belgrade, Bucharest, Budapest, Bratislava, Prague, Warsaw, Zagreb and other regional capitals.



Values of Seed

Values of Seed


The funding partners, faculty, students, alumni, management and staff of School for Executive Education and Development aim for excellence in all fields of operation. Our expertise in the field of business education in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region is evident by the success of our program graduates.

Personal Development

As an educational institution we are fully committed to helping current and future businessmen and women capitalize on their potential, accelerate their learning curve and create value for their society and communities.


In everything we do, we strive to make an impact by demonstrating a “can-do-attitude”, where nothing is impossible.


Besides showing genuine passion for our business, we also encourage all of those within our environment to work with tireless ambition and a strong desire to aim higher.


As we at SEED operate, act and educate in line with our values, we truly believe that exceptional leaders can only be successful after defining and holding themselves accountable to their values and principles.



Values of Seed

A few years after the idea was born, all of the essentials needed to build the foundation for a high-performing educational institution once dreamed about were in place. Firstly, a continuously increasing circle of committed founding partners, such as leading oil, banking and telecommunication companies, came together to provide funding for SEED, thus paving the way for establishing credibility for our incoming professors and focusing on areas of real impact. Secondly, a dedicated team comprised of people with executive and non-academic experience, executed on the founding processes. Our team, together with our partners, created a best-in-class business school for the Central and Eastern European region, which brings together and nurtures the talents of the region at an affordable cost.

The pilot Business Leadership Program was held in September 2014. It became so successful that starting in February 2015, SEED hosted a Business Leadership Program every month in 2015. Until the end of 2016, 140 participants finished the SEED Business Leadership Program. We held three Alumni events with distinguished speakers. In January 2017, we started the first SEED Part-time MBA program with more than 30 participants.

We at SEED envision our MBA to rank within the top thirty MBA programs of the world within the next 10 years.