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Interview with Martin Kopchev

Interview with Martin Kopchev
Getting to know the Senior Pricing and Revenue Manager of Wizz Air. We had a great conversation with Martin Kopchev, participant of Business Leadership Program.

What are you the most proud of in your professional career so far?

I have joined the Commercial Department of Wizz Air with a prior experience in Mechanical Engineering and Operations Management. There was a challenging new path ahead of me as well as a steep learning curve. Early on, I realized the need for improving the existing systems and processes, and engineering more robust and reliable processes to meet the needs of the company. I am quite pleased that all the developments that I worked on are still in place: they are the basis for the continuously improving performance of the Revenue Management Department.

What is your most challenging project at the moment? What you can tell us about it?

My number one responsibility is to ensure that the revenue is "delivered" according to plan. There are many risks in the aviation business, including change in fuel price, exchange rate fluctuations, competitor moves, unforeseen political, economic and safety events, not to speak of weather patterns. These can place significant pressures on the revenue environment and the profitability. Last year, we experienced all... and it would be naive to exclude these occuring again in the future. My latest project is devising a revenue plan that accurately assesses the risks and opportunities ahead of us, builds confidence in our leadership team and enhances trust among our current and potentially new investors.

What inspires you in your daily life?

I work for a relatively young company that is full of energy, ambition and dreams. My colleagues come to the office every morning to "play and win". It is a very special place to express and develop yourself professionally. In addition, it is companies like Wizz Air that shape the Aviation industry today, providing greater access and better services to more and more passengers who never flew before. It is very inspiring to take part in this journey. And the journey has just begun.

Why is it a smart decision to join the SEED Business Leadership Program?

We all recognize that knowledge is very important, but what is even more important is to never stop learning and developing yourself. This simple truth could be easily forgotten once we start our careers and get lost in vigorous work schedules. This is where SEED Business Leadership Program intervenes in a very helpful and effective way. It challenges the common "born leader" belief and proves that leadership is learnable. The program is well designed around demonstrating the building blocs of leadership and teaches us how to balance these in everyday business circumstances. Highly experienced and widely respected faculty members provide guidance, and help you find and target your areas of improvement. This equips you with the tools and knowledge to make a positive impact on your team, company and industry. Last but not least, there is the opportunity to interact with peers of diverse backgrounds and experience. I would recommend this program with the utmost degree of enthusiasm.