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Anthony Radev Dr.
Anthony Radev Dr.
Leadership and Management Programs, MBA
Anthony is the lead for SEED - School for Executive Education and Development in Budapest. Anthony was with McKinsey & Company for close to 25 years. Most of his professional life was dedicated to developing the East European offices. Besides coordinating this education project, he manages the strategy for the program.





M.A. degree in Economics from the University of Economics, Budapest.

Post-graduate diploma in international politics from the Paul H. Nitze School for Advanced International Studies at the Johns Hopkins University, Bologna.

Ph.D. in International Economics from the Institute of Contemporary Social Sciences, Sofia.

Professional background:

Associate Professor at the Institute of Contemporary Social Sciences in Sofia, Bulgaria.

1991. McKinsey & Company – Germany the founding partner of the East European office  

1993. McKinsey & Company: founding partners of the East European office

1995 McKinsey & Company - Budapest  

2003 McKinsey & Company - Zagreb

2005 McKinsey & Company - Sofia

2008 McKinsey & Company - Bucharest

He has worked extensively with western and local leading institutions also in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, and Ukraine.

He was also leading McKinsey’s Financial Institutions Practice in Eastern Europe and is a member of the senior leadership of the European banking practice of McKinsey.

In July 2013, Anthony has stepped back and is now Director Emeritus of McKinsey.

Social Commitments:

With McKinsey, Anthony has completed a vast number of engagements in almost all sectors of the economy and the public sector – from financial institutions through service industries to manufacturing industries.   

During his McKinsey years, Anthony has been regularly a guest lecturer at leading business schools in Europe on topics of leadership, strategy and operational excellence.

During the last decade he has been a member of the counselling boards of two private business schools- Corvinus School of Management in Budapest and the High School for Finance in Sofia. Since 2010, he is member of the Board of the Hungarian Football Association.

Anthony is a citizen of Hungary, Germany and Bulgaria (where he was born). Married and father of 3 children.