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György Beck Dr.
György Beck Dr.
Leadership and Management Programs
György holds a PhD in Mathematics, was a founding partner then CEO of the Hungarian branch of the Digital Equipment Corporation and later fulfilled the position of director of the Central & East Europe division of Compaq, CEO of Hewlett-Packard and Vodafone, Hungary. Under his leadership, Vodafone Hungary has been awarded international prizes for Innovation, Business Ethics and Social Responsibility, while he was awarded Best Manager, Most Inspirational Leader and Role Model of the year in Hungary.





1978      József Attila University, Szeged  – Matematician
1982      József Attila University, Szeged  – Phd. in Matematics
1982      Technical University of Denmark
  – Academic Scholarship
Professional background:

2011 –           Vodafone Hungary Zrt. – President

2010 – 2011  Vodafone Hungary Zrt. - President and Chief Executive Officer

2007 – 2010  Vodafone Hungary Zrt.- Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

2000 – 2006  Hewlett-Packard Hungary - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

2000 – 2002  Compaq Central and Eastern-Europe - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

1998 – 2002  Compaq Computer Hungary - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

1994 – 1998  Digital Hungary - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

1993 – 1994  Digital Hungary - Sales Director

1991 - 1993  Digital Hungary - Divisional Director   

1990 – 1991  Digital Hungary - Sales Unit Manager

1986 – 1990  SZÁMALK System House - Chief Research Associate

1978 – 1986  Research Institute of Applied Computer Sciences (SZÁMKI)

                       Research Fellow of Applied Matematics and Software Development   

Social Commitments:

Co-President of National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers

Co-President of the Hungarian Waterpolo Association

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Waberer Insurrance Co.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Day One Capital Co.


1996                “Neuman János Award”

1997 & 1999    “IT Manager of the Year Award”

2001                “Manager of the Year 2000 Award,”

2002                “The most Inspiring Leader Award”

2003                “Honorary Citizen of the city of Cegléd”

2004                “Entrepreneur of the Year 2003 / The idol”

2005                “Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic - The Officer's Cross

2007                “Pro-Informatics Award

György Beck is also active in teaching. He is dedicated to share his experiences and learnings for the young generations. He is an active lecturer at the Corvinus University in Budapest with the title of “Leadership in Practice”, for 4 years. He joined the faculty of SEED in Autumn of 2014.

György Beck is married and also a father of three. His wife, Judit, is a teacher, his daughter, Zsófia, is Project Leader at Boston Consulting Company, his younger daughter, Nóra is reporter at the TV2 Channel and his son,  Miklós, is a sales specialist at the Bravogroup Zrt.

Dr. Beck is an active waterpolo player. His hobbies are waterpolo and literature.