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Interview with Zsolt Ábrahám

Interview with Zsolt Ábrahám
We asked the Co-founder & Trainer A of Case Solvers. They hold more than 160 trainings in 25 countries and they taught the Case Method Workshop at Part-time MBA program.

Can you give thoughts on Case Solvers? 

For the last four years, Case Solvers has been teaching case solving methodology and case interview techniques for the students of the most prestigious business schools. We have held trainings in 26 countries on four continents, reaching   more   than   4500   young   talents   around   the   world. With the help of our evaluation system and international network, we can recommend the best career entrants to companies, which means mutual benefit for the young talents and the employers seeking them.      

How do you evaluate the Case Method Workshop at SEED Part-time MBA program? 

The case method workshop we held was an incredible experience for us, and I truly hope that MBA students say the same about it. Case solving skills are undoubtedly necessary for everyone who wishes to be successful in business life, thus we were eager to help the ambitious MBA students who took part in the workshop. I hope we managed to show them new methods that they will find useful in their daily jobs as well.

Why did you accept the invitation to do this workshop? 

Why wouldn’t have I? SEED is a well-known program and it has been an honour for Case Solvers to teach case method within its framework. We would be happy to come again if you ever need us.

Why is it a good decision to join the SEED Part-time MBA program? 

A good priest learns until his death –as the saying goes, and why not do that participating in one of the most prestigious MBA programs if you can? SEED Part-time MBA Program can give its students what only a few can: excellent lecturers who deliver real life situations and prepare for the challenges the students will have to face as C-level executives.