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Foundations of Management Program

Foundations of Management Program
SEED Foundations of Management Program welcomes ambitious managers who are supervisors of groups up to 15 direct workforce.






Main focus of the program:

  1. People Management:

When managing their people, a common issue for mid-level managers is finding the best ways to motivate, build teams, establish the right feedback culture, set expectations and manage consequences properly. Most managers also need to improve in how they develop and coach their direct reports.

 So the main areas of development are:

  • Proper assessment
  • Adequate motivating
  • Conductive coaching
  • Consistent evaluation
  • Optimal allocation of tasks and responsibilities
  1. Executional Excellence:

Looking at effectiveness in execution, managers often experience difficulties in understanding tasks and expectations, they become reactive and thus frequently firefight. As a consequence their effectiveness in managing their time and their team suffers and, not seeing the big picture, they tend to become complacent.

Therefore we focus on developing:

  • Result orientation/setting priorities
  • Specificity of mandate
  • Identification of better practices
  • Change enablers/continuous improvement


Structure of the program:

  • 2*2 days „on-campus” and app. 2*2 months follow-up in-between and after „on-campus” sessions.
  • During „on-campus” sessions, areas of development are discussed plenary and in small groups through a highly interactive approach.
  • During follow-up periods 1-on-1 mentoring sessions help participants in following through on commitments they have made at the beginning of the program and in making sure the learnings are well absorbed and adapted to everyday work setting.
  • Follow-up periods also include individual and team exercises.


Dates of the program:

In 2019 we offer the Foundations of Management Program five times:


First 2 days

Second 2 days

Foundations of Management Program 1

12-13 March

21-22 May

Foundations of Management Program 2

9-10 April

25-26 June

Foundations of Management Program 3

4-5 June

10-11 September

Foundations of Management Program 4

1-2 October

3-4 December

Foundations of Management Program 5

5-6 November

21-22 January 2020


Download brochure of the SEED Foundations of Management Program



What makes the SEED Executive Programs special?

  • Distinguished instructors: trainers are experienced executives with international backgrounds.
  • Real business experience: curriculum is developed in close cooperation with leading regional companies. Besides: lectures by CEO guest speakers enrich the program.
  • Participants are the center of attention: faculty to student ratio is 1:5.
  • Customized curriculum: the program is tailored to participants’ profiles identified in their prior assessment.
  • Excellent networking opportunity: participants come from all over the CEE region eager to network.
  • Ongoing personal development: individual mentors support the journey of each participant.

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