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SEED Business Leadership Program

SEED Business Leadership Program
SEED Business Leadership Program targets talented leaders who are CxOs or have the potential to grow to CxO level in the near future.

Main focus of the program:

Besides the fortunate few who are natural born leaders there are many talented professionals who have the potiential that should be supported with the right development, mentoring, coaching and set of experiences. Our belief is that leadership can be inherited but can also be made. In other words, LEADERSHIP IS LEARNABLE.

Good leaders can be recognized from their followers who follow them from point A to point B. Knowing where you want to take your followers, what you want to achieve is what we call „Aspiration”.


After defining aspiration statements, every great leader, based on our observations, share some common leadership behaviors. These behaviors we call „The Leadership Triad”: 

  1. Raising Your Profile:

Great leaders know and stand for their values, they are role models. They know how to ignite their own and their team members’ passion. They are able to inspire their people, they never stop learning and are always developing themselves. Great leaders know who they are, where they are on their journey and what the road ahead is for them.

Building blocks of development:

  • Aspiration
  • Values
  • Passion
  • Inspiration
  1. Serve Your People:

Great leaders know that they cannot achieve their aspiration alone. They know that they are dependent of their people so they provide all necessary help and support to them for developing, collaborating and becoming effective teams. Great leaders serve rather than manage.

Building blocks of development:

  • Building teams
  • People development
  • Collaboration
  1. Drive Your Business:

Great leaders are known for their deep understanding of the drivers of their business. This includes sharpened industry and customer insights, the ability to give unique value proposition to customers to enthuse them, differentiation, and execution of their distinctive strategy.

Building blocks of development:

  • Industry insight
  • Customer orientation
  • Strategic thinking


Structure of the program:

  • 2*3 days „on-campus” and app. 2*3 months follow-up in-between and after „on-campus” sessions.
  • During „on-campus” sessions, areas of development are discussed plenary and in small groups through a highly interactive approach.
  • During follow-up periods 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching sessions help participants in following through on commitments they have made at the beginning of the program and in making sure the learnings are well absorbed and adapted to everyday work setting.
  • Follow-up periods also include individual and team exercises.


Dates of the program:

In 2019 we offer the Business Leadership Program five times:


First 3 days

Second 3 days

Business Leadership Program 1

26-28 February

28-30 May

Business Leadership Program 2

26-28 March

18-20 June

Business Leadership Program 3

7-9 May

17-19 September

Business Leadership Program 4

15-17 October

28-30 January 2020

Business Leadership Program 5

19-21 November

18-20 February 2020


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What makes the SEED Executive Programs special?

  • Distinguished instructors: trainers are experienced executives with international backgrounds.
  • Real business experience: curriculum is developed in close cooperation with leading regional companies. Besides: lectures by CEO guest speakers enrich the program.
  • Participants are the center of attention: faculty to student ratio is 1:5.
  • Customized curriculum: the program is tailored to participants’ profiles identified in their prior assessment.
  • Excellent networking opportunity: participants come from all over the CEE region eager to network.
  • Ongoing personal development: individual mentors support the journey of each participant.

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